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Clothilde Benjamin

Food & Drink stylist and Food photographer in Paris.
Digital Marketing content, advertising, editorial and recipe development.

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Bring beauty to your brand and products

Food & Drink Styling

I am a Franco-American Food & Drink Stylist based in Paris. Specialized in Digital Marketing & Social Media campaigns, I also work on photo and video advertising campaigns, product packaging photo shoots and editorial shoots.

Former Digital project Manager and Community Manager, I am familiar with Social media ads and online digital marketing.

A Food Stylist’s primary goal is to make a product, dish, ingredient or table beautiful and appealing. With a photo or a video, a story is told.

If you don’t want to eat it when seeing it, our mission has failed !

A Food stylist’s challenge is to understand their clients’ vision before it comes to life. Quickly understanding a clients’ brand identity is crucial to delivering the perfect photo.

A good briefing before the photo shoot, and a good understanding between the Stylist and Photographer will lead us to a successful photo shoot.

It’s also the ability to forsee a clients’ needs before the photo shoot by antcipating a shopping list thouroughly, and reacting quickly when things don’t go as planned the day of!

Do you need a Food Stylist ?

Send me a message and tell me all about your project.

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Professional photos of your products & menus

Food Photography

Are you a food start-up with a small budget ? Do you need photos for your instagram or website? I am the photographer you need.

I offer food photography services for:

  • restaurants with small budgets just starting out, needing a digital presence (instagram, website, takeaway plateforms)
  • food start-ups looking for an affordable digital campaign for social media or other purposes
  • recipe development with food styling and photography in my studio.

Animate your social media & website


Food & Drink Stylist, food photographer and food lover, I would love to work with your restaurant or brand for a global communication online campaign.

  • Recipe development with your products
  • Styling & photography in my studio
  • Posts & stories on my social media & blog

If you are looking to boost your online visibility and want partnerships with a food lover, give me a call!

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Animate your social media & website

My Studio

Currently in Paris, I have a studio where I can work on my projects.

Photography in natural lighting, recipe development and food styling, shelves of dishes and props for every type of ambiance.

My clients

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