Cooking has been a big part of my life since I can remember, so turning to Food Styling in 2017 seemed natural to me. From being a Digital Project Manager to a Food Stylist passing through multinational companies to creating my own… it has been quite the change.

I am Franco-American, I was brought up in an international environment all my life which gave me an open mind to different culinary cultures.
I have always learned to express my emotions in a creative way, whether it was by playing Piano, dancing or taking Theatre and now I express myself through cooking and food photography.
My interest for cooking was transmitted to me by my Mom who has Central American roots, greatly influencing her cuisine. From the French Tarte Tatin to the good old Betty Crocker cookies without forgetting Mexican-style fried tortillas and refried beans, you can say that my childhood did not lack of culinary diversity.
Harmonizing substance and form and creating balance between healthy foods and less healthy foods, I saw my life take a whole new purpose. I quit my high maintenance job (that let’s face it, was driving me nuts 😉 ) and created my project focused entirely on the expression of my creative identity while combining mind & body as a lifestyle.

Having graduated from an International Business School with a major in Marketing, I worked 7 years as Digital Project Manager in the Fashion industry then for a Michelin starred chef.
I learned a lot from each of my jobs and have no regrets whatsoever… but something was definitely missing. I loved what I did but it was becoming incompatible with my personal life and my need to express my creativity freely.

So why Sixty-five Spoons?

I was born with a genetic illness called Cystic Fibrosis, also known as Sixty five roses. The “Sixty five roses” story dates back to 1965 when an observant young child, hearing the name of his disease for the first time, pronounced cystic fibrosis as “Sixty five Roses”. Still sticking around today sixty five roses is often used by young children to pronounce their disease.

CF is a genetic disease, affecting the lungs and digestive system. It’s often called the invisible disease because it’s not always physically noticeable.
It has been a battle for me to live with this illness, but it doesn’t define me. It also seems impossible not to mention it because it inspires this project a lot since nutrition is very important in treating Cystic Fibrosis. Everything that I cook is in the optic of giving the right nutrients to my body in order to help it heal in a natural way.

If today I can live with such appetite it’s thanks to the extraordinary breakthrough in research. I was blessed with a new treatment for my CF gene in 2012 which has completely changed my life for the better. Today I want to use my experience to try and help others with my cuisine.

It took me years to find balance between my illness and my professional life. It wasn’t until I realized that my job needed to be adapted to my illness – and not the opposite – that I found peace of mind.

It became clear to me one day when a dear friend asked me why I didn’t tell my story to help others in their struggles. According to him, I needed to use my biggest weakness as a strength in my project.

Everything clicked from then on without me even noticing it as I started writing my blog as a first step.
I love eating good but healthy food.
I love international cuisine and making new culinary discoveries.
I love making visually appealing dishes.
I love telling a story with just one photo.

This is how I have become a Food Stylist. With this blog and my Portfolio I share my vision and story with a visual and culinary approach and that’s how Sixty-five Spoons (65 Spoons) was created.